Nurturing. Learning. Growing.

Curriculum and School Readiness Program

Our age-appropriate curriculum is designed to facilitate total development of the individual child and give children a solid foundation in reading, writing, communication and arithmetic to help them excel when they reach kindergarten.

As fully trained ECE (Early Childhood Education) caregivers, our teaching strategy is focused upon the development of every child's critical intelligences: Linguistic, Emotional, Social, Physical, Aesthetic, Creative and Cognitive.

To advance these critical intelligences, the children are provided with concrete and developmentally appropriate materials and activities. Our centre also uses many Montessori-based teaching methods and materials. Through the use of both Montessori and play-based teaching methods, we ensure that each child is given the opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Philosophy

At Ackroyd Children's Learning Centre each child is respected as a unique individual and is treated with dignity; his or her own special needs are recognized. Our role as teachers is to help children build a positive self concept and a strong belief in their special nature.

Our goal is to create an environment where your child can flourish, where they are free to play, explore, create and learn. Through positive interaction between teacher and child, we believe that your child will benefit in all areas of his or her development.